Yuuji Kazami
Yūji Kazami.png
Kana 風見 雄二
Romaji Kazami Yuuji
Aliases Agent I-9029
  • Shorty
  • Genie
  • Gar (Garbage eater)
  • Boomerang
  • Yiewsley (Yuzuri in the VN)
  • Juicy-Yuuji
  • Mr. Standoffish Man
  • Utamaro
  • YujiYuji
  • Reaji
  • Cro-Magnon Kazami
Birthdate December 25 (Capricorn)
Age 17 (Kajitsu)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 178 cm
Weight 65 kg
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Kazuki Kazami (Older Sister)
Satoko Kazami (Mother)
Ryouji Kazami (Father)
Asako Kusakabe (Master/ former lover)
Yumiko Sakaki (Wife)
Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai (anime only)

Ayaka Suwa (young)

Yuuji Kazami (風見 雄二 Kazami Yūji) is the protagonist of Grisaia no Kajitsu. He is a second-year student at Mihama Academy who is known as "Ace number 9029", he received this name after his master died, an assassin for a Japanese government agency and a black ops who is employed by Ichigaya. Growing tired of his aimless existence, he desires a normal school life. Cool, philosophical, and minimalist, Yuuji maintains a realistic outlook on life. He views himself as cowardly as he always plans and scouts before taking action. Other than his occasional orthodontic military methods, he is a fit young man disguised as an “exchange student from Canada” of his new school.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yuuji is a normal-looking, somewhat intimidating young man with short black hair, sharp black eyes and he is well built under his clothes where he has multiple scars from stabs and bullets that he has taken throughout his career.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yuuji is a cold and he is black, harsh and unkind person with a scary look in his eyes. He’s casual enough to the point that he won’t use honorifics, and he believes in true gender equality and won't hesitate to physically assault or harass the girls of Mihama Academy if they annoy him. He’s very sarcastic, makes jokes that don’t usually go over very well (his tone of voice and facial features tend to imply that what he’s saying is serious rather than messing around) and cares very little about the people around him, especially women. It is implied that the organization he works for, Ichigaya, is very militaristic and thus that kind of lifestyle has been ingrained in Yuuji, who exhibits traits of someone that has spent time in or around the military life.

Frequently throughout the visual novel, Yuuji describes himself as the kind of person who plans and scouts before action, and would rather hide away from an enemy than outright engage them even though he has enough hand-to-hand and firearms experience to take down any enemies that he deems physical violence necessary upon. 

Due to the PTSD which stems from his childhood, Yuuji has trouble with killing any living things. This is also partially to do with the "safety pin" Asako placed on him to keep him from killing. While this "safety pin" remains intact throughout the majority of the series, it is shown that the command can still be overridden to some degree. During his time deployed by the Marines, Justin Mikemayer was able to temporary override the command, allowing him to kill as a mean of protecting his comrades. Also, during Amane and Makina's bad ending, it is shown that if the "safety pin" is being "fiddling around" too much, it may "come loose and fall off" as a result. 

Though he is unwilling to kill, Yuuji is hardly a pacifist and is shown numerous times throughout the visual novel engaging in hand-to-hand duels with various enemies, as well as utilizing firearms to take down foes non-lethally. The visual novel’s plot begins because Yuuji has grown tired of being ‘the janitor of the underworld’, meaning that he wishes to lead a normal school life outside of the life he’s led with Ichigaya.

Yuuji is rather close to his older sister, Kazuki, as he did not have a close relationship with his parents. Kazuki was a prominent figure in Yuuji's childhood. While Yuuji does get jealous of his prodigious sister, he's also very respectful of her. He even goes as far as to describe her as his "god", and that her word is absolute, even to his parents. When Kazuki went missing, his life completely falls apart.

Background[edit | edit source]

When Yuuji was young, he was often shunned by his father because he was an ordinary kid with no specific talent while his sister was a prodigy. His father always treated him harshly, while his mother was too cowardly to do anything for him. The only person in his family who would treat him well was his sister, Kazuki Kazami. As his parents treat Kazuki very differently, he came to view Kazuki as a god. It was also around this time when he first met the cheerful Sachi Komine. The two quickly become friends, though Kazuki became displeased with this.

After the news of his sister's death in a bus accident, his father fell into depression and became an alcoholic. He started to subject his son and wife to more intense abuse. Unable to cope, his mother decided to move out with Yuuji. However, after a few months, Yuuji's father finds his way to their house and tries to rape Yuuji's mother. Yuuji, after being smacked in the face by his father, takes an empty bottle of wine and smashes it on his father's head, killing him instantly. Yuuji's mother tells Yuuji to run to the train station and wait for her there. However, Yuuji went back to the house against his mother instruction. He discovered his mother's corpse as he bumped into her body, which is now hanging from the ceiling.

Later, he was taken in by a common buyer of Kazuki's paintings, Heath Oslo, under the alias of Kirihara Rei. Here, he was often made to dress up as Kazuki and molested. After killing one of Oslo's colleagues for abuse, Heath became aware of Yuuji's potential as a child soldier. From then, Yuuji started his training at a desolate terrorist academy for an undefined amount of time, where he was relentlessly harassed by other children. From time to time, he would be given a private lesson in knife and hand-to-hand combat from Oslo himself, prompting more bullying from the other children as Oslo's favourite child. He became close to Marlin, a girl attending the same academy. However, this friendship was cut short when Yuuji was made to fight in a death match with her as part of the "graduation exam". Although Yuuji was seriously injured and lost the fight, he did not lose his life as Marlin treats his wound. He later learnt of Marlin's death, which causes him to believe that any women who associates with him will always die. He was later given a second chance at the graduation exam by taking an assassination mission, which he managed to swiftly carry out. He returns to Heath and is assigned to various assassination missions and drug experimentation.

After being found drugged in the basement of Heath's mansion by Asako, she took him in and he started his new life. He refers to Asako as his "Master" after her death because "mother" nor "caregiver" suited her, he succeeded her job as a 'cleaner' for the 'Company', and was feared in the underworld with the name of ace number '9029'. As the time passed, he wished to attend a normal school life, so he contacted Chizuru, the principal of Mihama Academy, who is also his acquaintance. He transferred to Mihama Academy under the pretext of a 'returning-to-his-country student from Canada'. To the other five girls, he did not inform them much about his own identity. Because of a trauma in the past, he hates to take the train (his mother told him to go to a train station and left him there for hours) and tries to use other transportation as much as possible.

Plot (Visual Novel)[edit | edit source]

Grisaia no Kajitsu[edit | edit source]

At the time when he came to Mihama Academy, though he had received a train ticket from JB, he walked 175 km from Yamanashi Prefecture instead. As he carries an enormous bag walking around the area, he was found suspicious by the local policeman, who stop him for questioning. As this is happening, a woman scream for help as a handbag thief ran in their general direction. Despite the thief's attempt to get away, Yuuji easily intercepts and restrains him. However, this forces the policeman to take him into custody for questioning, despite thanking him for the assistance.

Grisaia no Meikyuu[edit | edit source]

The Cocoon of Caprice[edit | edit source]

In order to finalize a document detailing his past, He was called into the main office at Ichigaya by JB for an interview. He saw his old instructor on his way to the office and had a small chat with him. The instructor offer him a job in his field, but Yuuji declined the offer. Once he reached JB office, she was already in the process of reviewing Yuuji's personal record. She claimed that despite the existence of these record, the "professor underground" has requested a highly detailed report from the person himself. Yuuji agreed and started telling a story of his detailed past.

(need more detailed information than background)

Once the interview process finished, he travels back to Mishima Cape. However, he was stopped on the way by a call for a special mission. The man introduced himself as Adam, and he brief Yuuji with an assassination mission, omitting many details from the plan. The target of the assassination is the supposed terrorist "Ethan Glow".

Once Yuuji set-up at the sniping spot, "Adam" started abusing Yuuji verbally, presumably trying to coerce Yuuji into killing. However, when Yuuji zooms onto the target, "Ethan Glow", it was revealed that the man's true identity was Heath Oslo himself. Upon seeing him, Yuuji broke down mentally and presumably collapsed. A mysterious voice appears which orders "Adam" to take Yuuji into the custody. His name appears in the news later that night, reported to be part of a terrorist attack.

Grisaia no Rakuen[edit | edit source]

Anime Special[edit | edit source]

Grisaia no Kajitsu[edit | edit source]

Yuuji didn't appear in Yumiko's and Makina's arc.

On Michiru's arc, Yuuji and Michiru had a date on the beach. But it was revealed to be Michiru's dream and Yuuji for an unknown reason was inside the bathroom with her.

On Sachi's arc, Yuuji was washed by Sachi during his bath time. Sachi got turned on later and focused on washing his 'dick', but revealed to wash a shower head later.

On Amane's arc, Yuuji and Amane has a date on a shrine. Yuuji hit Amane's head later for thinking something perverted.

On Kazuki's arc, Yuuji played doctor roleplay with Kazuki. Kazuki later baited Yuuji to molest her for her satisfaction, but the mood got off when a bell rang. It was taken during Yuuji's childhood year.

Grisaia no Meikyuu[edit | edit source]

During the time when Yuuji was still a kid, Kazuki took him to her school and introduced him to her basketball teammates. When the girls wanted to spoil him, they made a lewd accident instead and made Kazuki pissed despite how she looked calm and kept on drinking her tea. At night, Kazuki took a bath with him, kissing his lips in the act of 'cleaning' the girl's mess and possibly about to have sex with him as she said 'let's continue on the bed' in the ending.

Grisaia no Rakuen[edit | edit source]

In Yumiko's arc, Yuuji was taken by Yumiko to hide with her. Since it was so sudden, Yumiko later got embarrassed and shouted on Yuuji on why even she had to hide with him.

In Michiru's arc, Yuuji and Michiru were dating in an arcade. Michiru was curious on a photo box and entered it with Yuuji. The machine somehow made Michiru did the lewd stuff on herself and later on Yuuji. After they had left, it was revealed that it was Sachi's doing as she kept their photograph.

In Millie's arc, Yuuji was molested with having his belt be licked all over by Millie. However, the fun got spoiled when Agnes entered and became angry towards Robert for being loud while playing his eroge during bed time.

In Sachi and Makina's arc, Yuuji was tied up naked and molested by Sachi and Makina as an act of lewd service for him by eating a strawberry, banana, and cream cake, messing Yuuji's pants. After Sachi and Makina had left, Amane entered the room and was shocked to see the Yuuji's bizarre state.

In Amane and Kazuki's arc, Yuuji appeared at the last second when Amane gave Kazuki her lewd massage. Amane was shocked and replied with 'want to join', then Yuuji hit her head with (possibly) a bucket.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced Military Art: Being taken in by Heath and later Asako, Yuuji has a vast knowledge of military arts and the mastery over it. His capability even surpassing both of his mentors.
    • Expert Knife User: As a terrorist in-training, Yuuji was regarded as Heath's favourite among the trainees. As Oslo's favourite, Yuuji was personally trained in the art of knife fighting by Oslo himself on top of the normal regime that everyone has to take. This has made him a considerably skilled knife user, and by extension, a close combat fighter.
    • Master Sniper: As a terrorist in-training, Yuuji was trained in basic usage of variety of firearms. As Asako's adopted child, Yuuji has furthered his training specifically in the sniper rifle. His own natural talent combined with Asako's teaching allow him to be a master sniper. Even before he received formal military training, Yuuji would occasionally take Asako's job as agent 9029 without anyone but JB becoming suspicious.
  • Peak Human Physique: Yuuji trained the hardest during his terrorist and military youth. His body even able to sustain injuries not commonly able to be withstood by the average human.
  • Drug Tolerance: Due to the use of these in his training.
  • Immense Sexual Stamina: Yuuji's "love" tends to dominate women with his constant unbeatable libido, even seasoned women like Asako or Milliela are unable to keep up. In his youth at the beginning of his relationship with Asako, Yuuji had sex with her until she lost consciousness, over time he has learned to control his libido so as not to overwhelm women.The only woman who has an equal or even higher libido than Yuuji is Amane.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Yuuji means "hero, manly" (雄) (yu) and "two" (二) (ji).
    • It can also mean "Heroic, Two" and "Brave Second (son)" (雄二).
  • Yuuji's surname Kazami means "wind" (風) (kaza) and "to see" (見) (mi).
    • It can also mean "Wind, To see" and "To see the wind" (風見).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During Yuuji's time at his "school" in America, he earned the title "garbage eater" for his reputation of being able to eat anything, no matter how terrible.
  • Yuuji has had sexual experiences with different girls:
  • In the final episode of the anime's second season, Yuuji somehow survives multiple cuts, a gunshot wound, a stab wound from a katana through the abdomen, and a nuclear blast.
    • In the visual novel equivalent, he survived through all of the above on top of torn muscles, overdose effect from the booster and sedative drug side-effects, and possibly broken bones. He later mentioned that after the incident, it took him 6 months to recover enough for him to stand again.
  • Yuuji says he's still living, while carrying the final words that Asako left him, in his words: ''What was the point of keeping a piece of trash like me alive...?''
  • Although later in Makina's route when they go to the grave where Asako is buried, he tells that the words Asako said to him just before dying were: ''Sorry, Yuuji... ran my big mouth about teaching you how to live, but training you to do an ugly job in the shadows was the best I could manage...''
  • Despite being known to have no driver's license, Yuuji is able to drive cars.
  • It is hinted in Grisaia no Meikyuu's Cocoon of Caprice arc and in Grisaia no Rakuen's intro (visual novel only) that the significant events of all five routes in Grisaia no Kajitsu happened with the exception of entering a relationship with Yuuji and a few others:
    • Sachi Komine and Yumiko Sakaki still use his last name (Kazami) while Makina doesn't call him Papa.
    • Makina and Yuuji were not on the run, and therefore Makina was never employed by Ichigaya.
    • Consequently, Yuuji never lost his right arm as he did in Makina's route.
    • Mihama Private Academy main building were not demolished as it did in Sachi's route.
    • Consequently, Sachi's status as Yuuji's childhood friend was never reveal to the other Mihama girls until they start reading the document.
  • The first two visual novels often set Yuuji as the narrator in most of the scenes (or other characters depending on the scenario). Some scenes from Grisaia no Rakuen however use third person perspective, even in scenes involving Yuuji.
  • Girl's special episode on Grisaia no Kajitu is the only special where not all of the episode has Yuuji appearance.
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