Yuria Harudera
Yuria Harudera
Kana 春寺 由梨亜
Romaji Harudera Yuria
Blood Type A
Birthdate April 2
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Measurements B: 96 W: 58 H: 92
Height 172 cm
Representative Flower Rose
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Yūji's Guardian
Relatives Yuuji Kazami (love interest)
Voice Actor Erika Narumi

Yuria Harudera (春寺由梨亜, Harudera Yuria), also known as JB, is Yuuji's guardian and superior, also case officer at Ichigaya. Her former name is Julia Bardera but she changed it after moving to Japan and that’s why Yuuji calls her JB. Though she looks like an American, she is a mixed-blood between German and Italian. She has a yellow Ferrari.


Julia is a tall and attractive woman with long and curly hair, with a beauty mark under her left eye. Her bust is also rather large, even bigger than Amane's. She's usually seen wearing a business outfit with a blue necklace.


Julia enjoys flirting with Yuuji or teasing him in public in an attempt to either irritate him or give his classmates the wrong idea about their relationship and make Yuuji squirm. It's not that she's being sadistic but it's more of a revenge than anything thanks to his own sarcastic attitude towards her. She acts like an airhead most of the time but she is shown to be very observant.

Julia and Yuuji are always bickering, insulting and teasing each other but it's clear that they care for each other to a certain level and despite their bickering, she supports Yuuji one hundred percent, even when she isn't supposed to.



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  • Asako liked to tease her by calling her a virgin, (CG from the Grisaia no Meikyuu game depict Yuria losing her virginity with Yuuji)
  • She has the largest bust recorded in the series.
  • Asako convinced her to have sex with Yuuji after she told JB she had slept with Yuji, and despite her initial objections, she also ended up sleeping with him after being drunk.
  • After Asako's death, Yuria and Yuuji's relationship become closer when Yuuji is taken in to her home