Sarina Irisu
Oie 29183826MrGkXU2B
Romaji Irisu Sarina
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Irisu Family Heir
Relatives Kiyoka Irisu (Mother)

Makina Irisu (Older Half-Sister)

Sarina Irisu is the current heir of the Irisu clan. She is a daughter of Kiyoka and a half-sister of Makina. She replaced Makina as the true heir of Irisu clan after Makina's father, Masataka Irisu, attempt to exposed the Irisu clan's fraud.

Appearance Edit

Sarina is a girl with long brown hair dressed in a black dress with white decorations

Makina passing by Sarina

along with a black ribbon in her hair.

Plot (Anime) Edit

Sarina first appears in Episode 8. She started to make a fuss about how an item was not in her size and that they should have in fact be informed ahead of time of her arrival at the store. She also took it as them not wanting business with her and to try and make her look like a fool. She later gets caught up in an explosion coming from the car she was in, she came out with severe injuries and, is currently alive.

Plot (Visual Novel) Edit

Grisaia no Kajitsu Edit

During Makina's route, she was caught in an explosion incident. Though she survived, she came out with severe injuries.

She does not make an appearance in other route. One could assumed that nothing major happened to her, and that she eventually placed as the clan's head later in her life.

Grisaia no Meikyuu Edit

During Makina's afterstory, Kiyoka mentioned that Sarina recovery has been proceeding very well.