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Main characters Edit

Yuuji Kazami Edit

Due to Yuuji sudden approach to Yumiko, she felt her personal space is being invaded by him. For this reason, she initially sees him as a threat, openly swinging a box cutter at him, something that the others noted never happened before. She eventually stop her hostility when Yuuji convinced her that he's not a threat, and thus manage to established a common ground for them to starts a positive relationship.

While only able to maintain a mutual terms, they both have surprisingly a lot in common. They both enjoy reading as a hobby, and both prefer solitude over having too many company. She's also the first point of contact for Yuuji when he learns of something unusual, presumably because she is the first student of the academy.

During episode 6 of the anime, it might have been hinted that she developed feelings for Yuuji. This is later confirmed in episode 6 of "Grisaia no Rakuen".

At the beginning of her route, Yuuji is being asked by JB to be Yumiko's bodyguard, which results in him being taken for a stalker by the other girls. When Yumiko learns about it, she says that she doesn't need a bodyguard and doesn't care for her own life. But Yuuji doesn't stop, because no matter what she says, it's his job much to her displeasure. After a week of complaints, they are attacked for the first time. Yumiko then realizes that the threat is serious and she needs Yuuji. She confesses to the girls that she fell in love with him but it's one-sided. After some time, her father has enough of Yuuji and requests that he stops being Yumiko's bodyguard. However, it doesn't please Yumiko who decides to hire Yuuji as her bodyguard herself.

Amane Suou Edit

Classmate/ Close Friend

Michiru Matsushima Edit

Classmate/ Close Friend

Makina Irisu Edit

Classmate/ Close Friend

Sachi Komine Edit

Classmate/ Class Representative

Secondary Characters Edit

Chizuru Tachibana Edit

School Principal

Michiaki Sakaki Edit

Biological Father

Kazuki Kazami Edit

(Thanatos) Employer

Yuria Harudera Edit

CIRS associate