Minori Sakuma
Romaji Sakuma Minori
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation Student

Minori Sakuma was a third year and a member of the basketball team and one of the victims who was dead in the disaster days after a bus accident.

When they started the basketball team, Minori was offered team captain position but turned it down.

Visual Novel Edit

Grisaia no Kajitsu Edit

She was the first person Amane encountered after Kazuki showed her the horrible truth behind the "rabbit meats" that was brought back by Ochi. Amane tried to warn Sakuma of her discorvery, only to find out that Sakuma was already well aware of this fact. Sakuma offer both the juniors to smooth things over with Chiaki if they decided to return. However, Kazuki urge Amane to start running instead as Sakuma lament at their decision to escape, not making an attempt to pursue the two.

Grisaia no Rakuen Edit

It was reveal that, after Amane has escape, she followed a group of students who chase after Kazuki in order to intervene, telling Kaneda not to kill Kazuki. After she admit that she's aware the whole group would not have survive without Kazuki, she tried to negotiate to have her stay with the group in exchange for them not chasing after Amane. In that moment, Chiaki Sakashita arrived at the scene, dressed in her school uniform.

When Sakashita found out about Amane's escape, she order the group to chase after and kill Amane. As Sakuma was about the interject, she noticed and confront Sakashita about having eaten another one. Out of guilt and frustration, Sakashita lunge at her with with kitchen knife she took from Kazuki, fatally wounded Sakuma's in her stomach. This event cause Ibuki, who arrived at the scene later in search of Sakuma, to explode in anger as she repeatedly stab Sakashita with a pair of scissors in a frenzy of rage.

Afterward, Kazuki attempt to stop the bleedinding from her stomach, but to no vail as Sakuma pass away from bloodloss and sudden shock.

Death Edit

The cause of death of everyone there was found to be an infection by Hepatitis E due to the consumption of infested human flesh. In Amane's bad ending, Amane found a note left by Kazuki that states infection came from Tamaki Hirooka's corspe.

However, according to the recollection of Kazuki, her actual cause of death was severe bloodloss and shock from a fatal stab wound in her stomach, inflicted by Chiaki Sakashiita.