Mihama Private Academy (私立美浜学園) is the school in which Yuuji and the five heroines enroll. The leader of the "East Beach Electric Railway Group" financial clique, Michiaki Sakaki, established it for his daughter, Yumiko, one year ago. It locates on the innings of Mishima Cape. Despite its first class equipment and buildings, the number of students is unnaturally low, there are only five female students and one male student, Yuuji, who has just transferred. As the school site is covered with high walls, Yumiko refers to it as a “bird cage”.

In education, the school teaches common subjects in the morning; in the afternoon, the students can choose the subjects they like. Chizuru Tachibana, the Principal of the academy, is also a teacher herself. She teaches various subjects like: national language, mathematics and biology. The academy also invites specialty teachers from outside of the school. There aren’t any regular gym teachers or a nurse in the school. There is only one plural class which teaches all six students from 1st year to 3rd year. The students can repeat a year for 8 years, any more than that and they will be forced to leave.