Masataka Irisu
Romaji Masataka Irisu
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Makina Irisu (Daughter)
Kiyoka Irisu (Wife)

Masataka Irisu was Makina's father and the adopted son of the Irisu house. He was killed to stop his attempt to expose the Irisu clan's corruption, with Makina's kidnapping as bait.

Personality Edit

Masataka is a man of a good nature. He's a caring and loving man, as well as possesses a strong sense of justice, but is somewhat naive. He's the only character in Makina's childhood who truly loves and wants to protect her. As a result, his daughter developed a very deep emotional bond to paternal love.

Background Edit

After learning of the Irisu's shadow background, he made an attempt to push the clan into a better direction. After all of the attempts that failed, he decided to expose all the misdeeds that the Irisu clan had done over the years to the public, taking Makina with him.

Death Edit

In an attempt to protect the clan secret, the family had organised a kidnapping of Makina in an attempt to lure Masataka out. Due to his love for his daughter, as well as his naive personality, Masataka complies to the deal without objection. In front of his beloved daughter, he was shot multiple time and left to die, with his daughter forced to watch his corpse rot for six days.

Masataka's death deeply hurt Makina, as she stated continuously having nightmare about that day. After her recovery, she became desperate for a paternal love and actively seeking for a father figure. It was also revealed that she made her Tanabata wish based on the promise with her father, which was never fulfilled.