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Grisaia no Kajitsu: Le Fruit De La Grisaia (グリザイアの果実 -Le Fruit De La Grisaia-, lit. "The Fruit of the Grisaia") is a Japanese visual novel, the first in a series of visual novels by Front Wing, with character designs by Akio Watanabe and Fumio.

This game was later ported to PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

The first manga adaptation, Grisaia no Kajitsu: Sanctuary Fellows (グリザイアの果実 サンクチュアリ フェローズ Grisaia no Kajitsu: Sankuchuari Ferōzu) began serialization in Akita Shoten's Champion Red Ichigo magazine.

The second manga adaptation, Grisaia no Kajitsu: L'Oiseau bleu (グリザイアの果実 〜L'Oiseau bleu〜) began serialization in Mag Garden's Monthly Comic Blade magazine which later continued serialization in Mag Garden's Comic Garden following the Monthly Comic Blade's discontinuation.

An anime adaptation produced by the studio 8-Bit and directed by Tensho began airing in Japan on October 2014.

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Trying to become something that he isn't, Yuuji Kazami transferred himself to Mihama Academy --- a school with only five female students and prison-like features. He was told that every student in this school have their own 'circumstances' (himself included) and that he is not required to do anything about their situation as he asked for a 'normal' student life. Will Yuuji find his solution here in Mihama Academy?


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