Amane Suou
Amane Suou
Kana 周防 天音
Romaji Suō Amane
Aliases Cicada Sister


Blood Type A
Birthdate March 3 (Pisces)
Age 19
Gender Female
Hair Color Red/Violet
Eye Color Blue
Measurements B: 91 W: 59 H: 88
Height 169 cm
Representative Fruit Cherry
Representative Flower Camellia
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Kotone Suou (mother)

Yuuji Kazami (love interest)

Voice Actor Hiroko Taguchi

Amane Suou (周防天音, Suō Amane) is a third-year student at Mihama Academy. She is the Onee-san type who always takes care of others. She is known to as Makina's "mom." For some circumstances, she skipped one school year at her previous school, so she is actually 2 years older than Yuuji. She is tall and has a good body. Her family manages a long-established restaurant in Ginza, so she is good at cooking. Because her mother comes from Kyoto, when getting excited, or while panicking, she picks up Kansai dialect in her speech. She is deeply interested in cars and has acquired an automatic two-wheeled vehicle license. She has a dirt bike which was remodeled to a cruiser called “Boba Tarou” (ボバ太郎) and was put in the garage of the Academy.


Amane is a tall, curvy girl with long reddish hair. When not wearing the school uniform she opts for bare-minimum coverage in clothing in an effort to further accentuate her figure, most notably her large F cup chest. Her casual outfit consists of a sleeveless blouse that exposes much of her upper body and black pants with a white belt and sandals. She is described as having a generally upbeat expression, being either a smile in general or a sultry grin with occasional interludes of almost-motherly concern, specifically for Makina.

During the events of Grisaia no Rakuen, she starts wearing a black asymmetrical-sleeved shirt and white shorts.

Six years before she met Yuuji (around 2005), Amane wore her hair in two braids hanging in front of her, as well as twintails coming out the sides of her head. She was much shorter at the time, had a less developed bust, and wore large-framed glasses.


Amane is known by her classmates, especially Makina, as a pervert (though it is partly due to the way she is interacting with Yuuji). She is constantly making dirty jokes around Yuuji and is always trying to seduce him. Her perverted antics are often emulated by Makina as well. Because her parents are born in Kyoto, she sometimes speaks with a Kansai dialect when flustered.

She has an older sister personality to most except for Makina whom she treats like a daughter. Her older sister persona is often very reliable; being the voice of reason in conflicts involving any of the Mihama residents.

Amane suffers from a strong case of survivor guilt; believing that she left her middle school team, especially Kazuki, to die in the forest. Because of the media altering some elements of the accident (after evidence of cannibalism is found), Amane got the full brunt of the questioning and accusations; worsening her situation. Her strong sense of guilt for Kazuki's death is her main motivation in acting like a big sister towards Yuuji; even feigning her affections as "love at first sight."


On the 14th of August 2005, at the age of 13, Amane was in a serious bus crash. While making a turn on a small road the bus driver lost control and went off the cliff. 14 people and a small Shih tzu were on the bus. Two died instantly after hitting the bottom, and one died 10 minutes after. There were only 11 survivors, with five of them wounded. Tamaki Hirooka had broken both of her legs, Saaya Kaneda had struck her head and suffered a laceration, Mifuyu Sakurai had a gash to her abdomen from a sharp object, Kazuki Kazami had injured her arm, and their advisor, Yoshihiko Ochi, was unconscious with no signs of waking. They landed in a long crevice. On one side was a heavily overgrown forest with no signs of animal or human life. The crevice was the site of a meteorite impact long ago. This caused the area to be highly metallic and magnetic, making the compasses useless. The situation deteriorates as food becomes more and more scarce, and after two weeks, all but Amane and Kazuki turn to cannibalism in an attempt to survive. The pair attempt to sneak away from the "ghouls" that were once their classmates, though they are detected when passing by the site where the recently dead were butchered. Kazuki seemingly sacrifices herself so Amane can escape, though she and Yuuji would later come to speculate that she somehow survived. Amane treks for several days and nights, eventually finding a road back to civilization. She later learns that the remainder of her classmates died from illnesses caused by consuming human flesh.

The incident leaves Amane with a strong case of survivor's guilt, which is only compounded by media speculation that she survived by engaging in cannibalism. Knowing that her parents work very hard to send her to the school, she put on a facade to push through her schooling year until graduation. By then, her trauma coupled with the constant bullying she received proved to be too much strain for her to cope.

Due to her mother wanting her to finished her education, she was enrolled in a school in Kyoto where her grandmother was. Initially, she was doing well at the school she was enrolled to. However, the past eventually caught up to her, bring the constant bullying with it. This is also affecting her friends, worsening her trauma in the process. Eventually she dropped out of that school only after a year. She spend the next 6 months at her parents place helping out with the restaurant, during which she got a motorcycle license. Afterward, she decided to go on a "journey of self-discovery", and ran away from home with a motorcycle which presume to be boba tarou. It was during this journey that she found out about Mihama Academy, and decided it would be best to combat her trauma from her past by attending school where her past cannot reach her. Eventually, she enrolled at Mihama Academy as the second student to attend there.

Years later, when Yuuji arrives at Mihama, she recognizes him as Kazuki's brother, and attempts to "atone for her crimes" by helping him in any way she can.


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  • In Episode 1 of the anime Amane said that she is not embarrassed when people see her naked.
  • Despite her usual promiscuity, she's secretly shy in some intimate moments, such as when Yuuji took her first kiss in Episode 10 of the anime.
  • The anime covered a summarized version of the flashback in her route; effectively making her route have the most amount of episodes among the main characters.
  • Her name 天音 (Amane) literally means "The Sound of the Heaven".
    • During her after story in Grisaia no Meikyuu, her dad explained that he intentionally named her that way because he "wanted everyone to sing her praises all the way to the heaven", thus he use the kanji for "heaven" (天) and "sound" (音).
  • Amane's good end covers her life until her old age, where she already has a granddaughter and Yuuji already died of old age. This contains the longest time skip among the routes.
  • In the Yuuji's Past arc of Grisaia no Meikyuu, she let Yuuji read her diary about the accident. It is unknown what lead to this.
    • In her route, she allowed Yuuji to read her diary after Yuuji overheard some of her former schoolmates calling her "cockroach."
    • In this arc, Yuuji is not in a relationship with anyone among the Mihama students.
  • Unlike other bad ends, Amane's bad end leads to a critical information where Kazuki indicated the major cause of death of the other members of the basketball club. The anime revealed the information, but without getting chased down by Keiji Sakashita.
    • The CG gallery of the visual novel has one missing picture in her route if only the good end is played.